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Cavett, Ali and Me

June 5, 2016

Another good choice to speak in honoring Muhammad Ali’s life is Dick Cavett.

He is available and can tell better stories/jokes than Ali supposedly asking Crystal at Howard Cosell’s funeral if Mr. Cosell would be wearing his toupee in heaven.

Cavett hosted a show in which Ali brought out a singer he was promoting, I believe for no pay just to help but I am not sure, a man named Michelle.

As I once said on air to Mr. Cavett I believe it was that show in which Ali, as he often did went with his “I like your looks, I like your style but your pay is so cheap, I will not see you for a while” line.

Cavett told me and the audience Ali was “hip enough” to go along with the following. He knew the word said Mr. Cavett.

I said be careful it is an old English word, sounding like the worst one in the language. It meant cheap and Ali feigned being offended.

Cavett made breakfast for he and Ali and the Champ ate both breakfasts.

I am glad I reminded Cavett of the show and hope Cavett got back in touch with Ali.



Think A’s and C’s, Dick “C”avett, pictured above, Howard “C”osell, and B(oo)illy “C”rystal all linked with Muhammad Ali. Cosell and Cavett get A’s as does Ali. Crystal gets the first letter of (ok) his first name, a “B.”

Speaking of “B” as in bitterness, I have to try and get over it. Forget Crystal, it is not his fault.

Ali fought too long in the brutal sport of boxing and we were robbed of 32 years (my #) but nobody cares), of his great talking. He also died short of 4 score and I doubt the pain of it will subside any time soon.

However, this will be my last post on Ali for a while, at least. I have not watched nor am likely to watch any of the coverage surrounding his death.

I highly recommend watching “This Is Your Life” Muhammad Ali (the link is below). Mr. Ali was genuinely touched by the many people from his life that made “surprise” appearances.

This was a beautiful, humble man with faults, as we all have. He was unfairly punished by the courts of this country, eventually exonerated and said “the judges did what they felt was right and I did what I felt was right.”

Concerning the far more horrible “decree” of Parkinson’s Disease, he was not bitter. We all, ESPECIALLY ME, can learn from that example.

In honor of the one of a kind, Muhammad Ali, I must try.

Muhammad Ali -“This is your Life”

Click above to see fantastic television, honoring a great man.

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