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Go On Muhammad

June 4, 2016

It certainly was not his ability as a boxer and though so important, and meaningful, even his brave stance against an unjust war, is not the biggest reason I love Muhammad Ali and fear so greatly, as reports on his health are not good.

It was that he never failed to entertain and on the four occasions I met him in person, the last three after we had lost that wonderful verbiage, he displayed a kindness, I truly felt and could see in his eyes.

The first time I met him was on May 25, 1977 when he was signing copies of the record album for the film about him, called “The Greatest.”

I must say I looked great in a white suit but nothing compared to Muhammad in a gray suit. He said words into my large recorder, funny and took time with me to do so.

He must have thought “Who is this nut” as I did imitations of him and proclaimed my great admiration at an airport hotel in 1988. Yet when I view the tape, there is a look on his face that indicates to me he was thinking this guy is crazy, but ok.

At a dinner later in 1988, he graciously posed with my significant other, for the record, a beautiful female, and me.

I look at the photo from time to time, lamenting much and knowing the loss that is life, lost lives (my parents) and other personal bad, including no significant other.

Whether Muhammad lives or not, the last time I saw him was when he was walking out of a club and I was walking in. He had trouble speaking, but the voice was unmistakable and assured saying he remembered me.

So many like me, (who am I to measure how intense), are struggling with the fear of losing you, Muhammad.

Yet I know you prepared in your religious beliefs of Islam for eternity. Add Christianity from early years. When you anonymously donated money to save a Hebrew home for the elderly, an older Jewish woman called you a mensch.

No higher praise for a man, as all of us not perfect, far from it, but you touched me in a way that was so beautiful both outwardly (I still see Ali on Howard Cosell’s Live show holding a beautiful young girl in or near Manila) and internally, with your great insight and courage.

No matter what is next, Muhammad will fight on and I will try to do the same.



Sadly the internet which seems an “instrument to report death” has indicated Muhammad has died. As a tribute I ——–

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