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Cubs” Fine Start Means Little Even In A Baseball Sense

June 3, 2016

The Chicago Cubs go into this afternoon’s tilt at home vs the Arizona Diamondbacks with a (37-15) record, just two games shy of the one third mark in the long, boring and most of all no longer that meaningful, even in a baseball sense, regular season.

To this point, the Cubs under their over rated, but surely fine manager, Joe Maddon, have truly been outstanding.

However the reward for this team/franchise that has gone 71 years sans a pennant and 108 years without a World Series win is minimal.

They do have a huge lead, especially at this point in the season in the N.L. Central but that and even their 5 game lead over fellow division leaders, the San Francisco Giants and Washington Nationals, if it holds, only makes them the one seed in the 5 team National League part of the baseball tournament.

The big prize of the World Series, won by the team with home advantage 25 of the last 30 years, and 8 of the last 9, has that huge advantage determined by an exhibition game, called The All-Star Game.

This idea of Bud Selig continued by his devoted follower, Rob Manfred (think Kool Aid and a vast consumption on Manfred’s part), is much more detrimental to the once great sport of baseball than all the steroid use, Pete Rose gambling (this one hurts baseball not at all and it is an everlasting disgrace that the great player, Rose is kept out of the Baseball “Hall” by two people, Selig and Manfred, whose ideas ruined true baseball) and even artificial turf combined.

Think about it, never again a real pennant race and a huge advantage for the big prize, determined by an All-Star Game/EXHIBITION!

I truly get sick thinking about it and all the people who know better, that go along to get along.

I do not mean this to be a personal attack against either Mr. Selig or (it could be nor but I will stay with or) Mr. Manfred.

It is not and I do not think it reads that way even with the Kool-Aid reference.

What I am trying to convey is that I have always objected to the wild card presence in baseball. I warned of it and feared it before it was instituted.


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