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Matt Harvey’s Win As With His Losses Are Hyped To A Ridiculous, Insulting Extent

May 31, 2016

Oh “WOE” not well, as usual, I did not predict here that much maligned Mets’ pitcher Matt Harvey would win yesterday, which he did, pitching 7 shutout innings vs a slumping Chicago White Sox team that did the Mets a favor by pitching Chris Sele the day before, in what turned into another blown lead loss at Kansas City, vs the World Champion Royals.

Speaking of the Royals and also back to Harvey, it was vs them in game 5 of the World Series last year in which he pitched a fine game, taking a shutout into the 9th inning. Of course the fact the Royals won that game and “titled” that night is significant, but that was Harvey’s last important start.

The sickening media especially the talk shows, which were a precursor to the horrible and far more dangerous 24 hour news cycle, were talking of Harvey’s slump as though it affected world peace. It does not even affect baseball.

Now they will laud him disproportionately for his effort yesterday. He is a fine pitcher. Nobody knows how he will perform and baseball sans real pennant races, already slow, is beyond boring.

Que lastima (what a shame!) especially for me, as I really will not watch it!

If you love it, as I still do on some level do, even if you must watch or listen to it, please ignore the hype both ways. Trust me it is late, likely too late to curb this horrible madness.



The Songwriter’s Hall of Fame has its annual dinner and ceremony this Thursday and with apologies to one of the best, Paul Simon—Hello windmills, my old and perpetual non friends, I come to fight you again.

The actions of the media are preposterous and dangerous yet for one to fight its overwhelming power is on a self level even more dangerous and preposterous.


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