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Golden State Forces A 7th Game VS Oklahoma City And Other Comments/History

May 29, 2016

Klay Thompson, the son of Mychal Thompson who played on 2 straight Los Angeles Lakers’ title teams (1987 and 1988), scored 41 points, hitting a playoffs record 11 three point shots, as the Warriors kept their hopes alive for a second straight NBA title, winning by 7–(koing “OKC” (minus 3 and a half) ten point “weasers”), in game 6, at Oklahoma City, vs the Thunder.

Steph Curry scored 31 points hitting key shots, as the Warriors forced a deciding game on Monday night, which will conflict, if you will, with game 1 of the NHL finals, also involving a Northern California team, the San Jose Sharks, though that tilt will be in Pittsburgh.

Golden State hopes this series and for that matter the finals, resembles 1975, not 1976.

In 1975, an upstart Warriors’ team led by Rick Barry and a rookie then known as Keith Wilkes soon after, Jamaal Wilkes, won at Chicago vs the Bulls in game 6 and then at home in a late night CBS telecast in game 7.

They went on to shock the favored Washington Bullets in 4 straight games in the finals, a truly great feat, albeit one aided by the unusual finals home/away configuration, which enabled the underdog Warriors to play games 2 and 3 at home, in that case a former home was used, the legendary Cow Palace.

However, as big semi-final series favorites vs the Phoenix Suns and with the best record in the regular season, they lost at home in a game 7 “dark match” (a professional wrestling term for something/an exhibition not seen or at least televised), think about that, on a Sunday afternoon, no less!

Golden State is a seven and a half point favorite in game 7 and while I offer no prediction, (pretty sure the game will be reasonably close), the game will be televised on TNT and the great play by play announcer, Marv Albert will be there.

One other certainty, this one unfortunate, two former players, the great Reggie Miller and very good Chris Webber, though neither ever titled in the pros nor college, (Webber was part of the vastly over rated, so called “Fab 5,” at Michigan University, a team that lost 2 straight NCAA finals, no real shame, but considering their hype, perhaps more than that result normally yields. The second loss was considerably aided by Webber calling a timeout his team did not have, resulting in a technical foul), will talk non stop and take away much of the joy in hearing Albert’s last broadcast of this season.

That is because Mike Breen, at best a serviceable announcer, will be on the NBA finals for the 11th straight season and though his being “drowned out” is no big loss, what manifests–two more “never a title, non stop talkers,” Jeff Van Gundy and Mark Jackson almost never being silent, mean(s) no sound for me!



Klay Thompson, pictured above.

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