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Thunder Favored In Game Six And Other Thoughts

May 28, 2016

Tonight, perhaps surprisingly, the Oklahoma City Thunder have been bet from 2 to 3 point favorites vs the 73 win, defending NBA champion, Golden State Warriors, as they hope to earn a spot vs the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals which will begin next Thursday, June 2nd.

Huge underdogs when the series began, the Thunder were slight underdogs in their two easy home wins vs the Warriors in games 3 and 4.

There is much one can say about this game, the odds, such machinations about the insidious subculture of gambling but more than anything as one who once loved sports and as with too many people in this society fell victim to the title means all or way too much attitude, it is the glaring difference in the road to the finals Cleveland took and the Thunder/Warriors winner will have taken when the NBA finals begin—that truly irks and consumes me.

The Warriors won 73 games and have to deal with a team as good as the Thunder, the alternative was a 67 win San Antonio Spurs team.

“OKC” (which won 55 games in the mighty West two less than the Cavaliers managed in the woeful NBA East thus Cleveland, in a bid for the city’s first title since a true great Jim Brown and the Cleveland Browns won it all in 1964, would have home advantage vs the Thunder) had to beat the Spurs and still need one more win against the record setting Warriors to reach the finals.

Meanwhile the Cavaliers started their season knowing a finals berth was theirs. James, as stated here before, a magnificent player one hyped far too much both good and bad in his ballyhooed career, knew the East was weak and the Cavaliers a team he left years back were a good choice for him.




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