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Recalling Ollie Brown And My Harsh “Two Cents” On Some Matters

May 14, 2016

Rather than rage at the all powerful commissioners of the 4 major North American Sports leagues, especially Roger Goodell of Bronxville, New York, I choose to write about a baseball player named Ollie Brown and recall the great announcer, Harry Kalas’ call of “Downtown’s” game winning home run in 1975.

Once, I would listen to the out of town sports on great radio stations such as WCAU in Philadelphia. They aired a wrap up show that included play by play highlights, one of the first programs to do so.

In 1975, the NHL Flyers were on their way to their second straight Stanley Cup crown and last to date. The show aired highlights of their game 2 finals win vs the Buffalo Sabres.

Next they aired highlights of the Phillies’ doubleheader win vs the great Cincinnati Reds, who would soon get very hot and win 108 games en route to the title.

Kalas’ call of Ollie “Downtown” Brown’s game winning homer in the opening game of that doubleheader was awesome. It is not sacrilege for me to say Kalas was far better doing game play by play than Vin Scully, something few if any in the “Scully is G-d” media would dare say. Scully is great,however.

Not so baseball czar, Rob Manfred, as Pete Rose is still not in the Baseball Hall. What brings that up, other than it is an injustice that haunts me as a once baseball lover?

That aforementioned Reds’ hot streak began when unselfish Pete Rose moved from left field to third base enabling the great slugger George Foster to get into the Reds’ lineup.


ollie brown

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