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It Is So Aggravating, Seeing And Hearing Almost All Sports On The Air

May 10, 2016

I guess the sound has to stay off when I watch sports on television, unless I want to risk the potential aggravation, the so often poor presentations and announcers cause.

Last night, top of the fifth in the ESPN telecast of Detroit Tigers at Washington Nationals and Karl Ravech, bereft of play by play skills, compounds our misfortune as listeners, by going on and on about “Wash” pitcher, Stephen Strasburg’s new contract, to the point of not acknowledging Detroit’s Ian Kinsler’s leadoff single.

It was well into the next batter, J.D. Martinez’ at bat, when Strasburg fell behind on the count that Ravech finally spoke about Kinsler being on first base. Ravech said he had WALKED.(Of course Kinsler had SINGLED, evoking the name of Ken Singleton and his lazy mistake acknowledged here a few day ago.)

Bad enough they have the presentation and (non) announcers they throw at us, but can’t they at least acknowledge their mistakes?!!




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