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The Cleveland Cavaliers Will Win A Quarterfinal Series 40 Years Later But Similarities End There

May 5, 2016

Forty years ago, the Cleveland Cavaliers in their first playoff series, won a melodramatic 7 game quarterfinal series vs the Washington Bullets.

I can still hear their great broadcaster, Joe Tait calling Bobby “Bingo” Smith’s winning shot in game 2 of that epic series.

One thing did not change and that is the Cavaliers will win a quarterfinal series forty years later, but this series vs the Atlanta Hawks will not be epic.

In my opinion, no basketball announcer, not even Marv Albert or Chick Hearn were better play by play radio people than Tait, so replacing him, as with Hearn or Albert is darn near impossible.

Yet it must be noted that the replacement has little in the way of radio basketball play by play skills. This is so often a problem with this generation of radio sports play by play announcers as they did not listen to the radio.




Jim Cleamons Game Winner. 1976 NBA Playoffs Cleveland Cavaliers vs Washington Bullets Game 5

Click above to view and hear Joe Tait’s call of The end of game 5 of that epic Cavaliers/Bullets series forty years ago.


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