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Always Yankees/Red Sox On ESPN

May 2, 2016

Of course last night’s ESPN Sunday Night Game was the Yankees vs the Red Sox.

Next week’s game is also the Yankees vs the Red Sox.

Why? You know why!

The Yankees probably will improve but even if they do not and ESPN can schedule Yankees/Red Sox, they will.

Apparently a female announcer is in their (ESPN), 3 person booth. In 10 years a robot named “Bristol,” (for the God forsaken city that houses ESPN), no relation to Palin, will be there, but it will still be Yankees/Red Sox on Sunday night.


267x267_3f0177541923589cd4862ad8d39fdb4e_Picture 1

Lee Leonard, pictured above was a fine broadcaster. Sadly the standards at ESPN are dismal. Lee is 87 and if I were him, I would not be proud that he was the first voice heard on ESPN, a true “Frankenstein,” sports nuts as I once was, created and helped along.



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