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The Easy Road Cleveland Cavaliers

April 19, 2016

How easy it is likely to be for the Cleveland Cavaliers to at least reach the NBA finals.

They are in the so weak Eastern Conference and barring the truly unlikely, while the record breaking Golden State Warriors will face a tough L.A. Clippers team and the San Antonio Spurs will likely face a tough Oklahoma City Thunder team in the quarterfinals, the Cavaliers will continue on an easy road in the NBA East.

You know the rest, if the Warriors and spurs survive tough quarterfinal series opponents, they must face each other not in the finals but the semi-finals.

Meanwhile whom will Cleveland play? It seems I resent the Cavaliers and that is not true.

However, while acknowledging that their twice team jumping player, LeBron James is a great player, the hype he would get should the Cavaliers win it all, especially from his long time shills, ESPN would bother me a great deal.

If he/they won it going through the West but oh well, I warned regarding Peyton Manning, Ohio State in 2014 and now I am “warning” regarding this.



I am not good with directions but is not “Easy Way” pointing East while “Hard Way” is indicating West.

Maybe it is my imagination but no matter what happens, no matter where James ends up on the “greatness pole” (he is a great player), he did take the “easy way” switching teams and going to/staying in the far weaker NBA Eastern Conference.

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