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Coincidence? Valvano Antenna T.V. Then Jenkins And Villanova

April 6, 2016

It was almost eery watching the Johnny Carson Tonight Show on Antenna T.V. and switching back to what I received as a “stream with the North Carolina slant, to say the least.”

The reason for the feeling cited above was that Jim Valvano was Johnny’s first guest on a show from 1989 and perhaps two minutes at most passed from the time Valvano talked of his team’s win on a dunk shot in 1983 on one channel and Villanova winning it all on a last second shot on another.

So it seems fate that the game ended with a tie breaking shot, as it did with Lorenzo Charles dunk for Valvano and his North Carolina State team in 1983.

This one with Villanova triumphing, again 2 minutes after Valvano referenced 1983, was on a considerably longer shot by Kris Jenkins. Each will be remembered for a long time.



Jim Valvano, pictured above, after his North Carolina State team won it all in 1983.

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