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NCAA Tournament NOT ON Over THE AIR Television Is NOT Progress

April 3, 2016

I do not like it, but baseball is opening with three Sunday games and far worse the last five games of the NCAA Basketball Tournament are/were not on over the air television.

Much was made of the NCAA Basketball Tournament final game 50 years ago when an all black starting team of Texas Western under legendary coach Don Haskins defeated a Kentucky team that included Pat Riley and did not allow black players.

Beano Cook was there at Cole Field House in Maryland and said not much was said about the racial components of each team. Thankfully in the 50 years, progress, nowhere near enough, has been made in that sensitive, complex area.

Another reason that game was not a big deal then was that it was not on national television. The fact this now hyped tournament is not on over the air television is not progress. Only greed has really progressed in these 50 years when things such as this occur.



The national semis (the term Final Four did not exist) were held Friday night, the final the next night. No national television. Now amidst the hype, no over the air television for the last 5 games!


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