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Random Television Notes

March 26, 2016

Some random notes from television watching will follow.

I offer no formal remembrance but Ken Howard and Garry Shandling, each of whom died too soon this past week, so often entertained on television.

Watching Mr.Shandling’s first appearance on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, which aired as a tribute to Mr.Shandling on Antenna TV last night, guests actor/director Richard Benjamin and golfer Jan Stephenson and not Shandling were seated next to Johnny and Ed McMahon when the 1981 show ended.

However, Shandling surely impressed Carson and was asked back on numerous occasions.

Later as a stretch in the “Quantum Leap” credits for an episode in which series star,Scott Bakula’s (along with Dean Stockwell) character “leaps” back to 1964, include Fran Ryan.

Add a “k” to Fran’s first name and it is Frank Ryan the quarterback of the last Cleveland Browns’ title team in 1964.

Finally you can’t go wrong watching the great television series, “The Fugitive” on “The Decades binge” all weekend long on the Decades channel.




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