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Indiana/North Carolina And Bob Costas’ Birthday Association

March 22, 2016

Today is the great sportscaster Bob Costas’ birthday. Three nights hence North Carolina University meets Indiana University in a round of 16 tilt, dare I say “sweet” with history, between two of the three teams/universities tied for third place, with 5 NCAA basketball titles.

I have an association between Costas and North Carolina/Indiana tournament history. As the brilliant actor Robert Shaw’s character in the great film “The Sting” said (see if you can) “Folla,” meaning follow.

On a Bob Costas, 2001, HBO show, best remembered for his interview segment with “wrestling” mogul, Vince McMahon, the by comparison calm, relaxed basketball coach Bob Knight also appeared.

I happened to be at the show and among the topics that night was the return to the NBA of Michael Jordan. Sadly (not all that so) Mr. Jordan did return, thus his game and sixth Chicago Bulls’ title winning shot, called so deftly by Costas on the 1998 NBC telecast, was not his final moment as an NBA player.

Coach Knight was walking out of the studio when I recalled to him that his Indiana coached team denied Jordan and North Carolina in Mr. Jordan’s last college game, also a round of 16 clash between Indiana and North Carolina, now 32 years ago in 1984.



From left to right, Robert Shaw, Robert Redford and Paul Newman, pictured above as characters in “The Sting.”

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