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Comments on Peyton Manning

March 2, 2016

If it manifests that Denver Broncos’ quarterback, Peyton Manning retires as an NFL player, among other things it would mean he won a Super Bowl in his last game, as did Denver executive John Elway.

Does this mean as “Manning gushers,”  (the New York Daily News’ writer Mike Lupica comes to mind) would have you think that this most over rated athlete leaves a great and winning playing legacy.

I say no, as good a reminder of Manning and his failures as a favorite in playoff games was a division round loss, as a game time, 11 point favorite as Colts’ quarterback vs the San Diego Chargers in 2007.

Handing the ball off, leading at most two nice touchdown drives in 3 playoff games and riding the Von Miller led defense (contrast Von Miller, a dominant VP in his lone Supe with the fine announcer Van Miller, unfortunately assigned to a Buffalo Bills’ team that lost all 4 of its Super Bowls), does not constitute greatness.

I will remember Manning as a once superb passer, even quarterback, who maybe more than any sports figure, had some truly horrible game performances, when it mattered most.

Additionally unlike some baseball hitting greats and again Peyton Manning is a (sports) great, where the sport is set up for hitting failure, some of Manning’s horrible games, including some victories this season, defy imagination.



Manning and his University of Tennessee teams went (0-4) vs the Florida Gators.

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