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Recalling the 1974-1975 NBA champion Golden State Warriors

February 12, 2016

The 1974-1975 Golden State Warriors were surprise winners of the NBA crown.

However, only in the finals against the favored Washington Bullets were they sans home advantage.

Additionally, they got to play games 2 and 3 at home which especially after they won game 1 on the road gave them a huge advantage not in correlation for a team with the inferior regular season record.

Yet that should take little, if anything, away from their incredible season which was culminated with a 4 game sweep of the K.C. Jones coached Bullets in the finals.

The fact that a different schedule helped them is a mere footnote to the Rick Barry then Keith Wilkes, deep title team story written that glorious 1974-1975 season, under coach Al Attles.



The great K.C. Jones, pictured above, may have lost in that 1975 NBA final, but he was part of 12 NBA champions, 8 as a player (all in consecutive years 1959-1966), 2 as a head coach (1984 and 1986) and 2 as an assistant coach (1972 and 1981). All but the 1972 title were with the Boston Celtics.

The 1972 title was with the Los Angeles Lakers, who set a then NBA record going (69-13) and still hold the major sports league record of 33 consecutive victories.





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