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Some titles’ notes as the Supe approachs

February 7, 2016

Perhaps it is appropriate that on the day the Carolina Panthers are facing the Denver Broncos for the league crown, the NHL Carolina Hurricanes are visiting Montreal to face the Canadiens.

Though Montreal won for just the sixth time in twenty seven games yesterday and have not won a title since 1993, Les Canadiens trail only the New York Yankees in total titles among major North American sports league teams.

Another NHL match up today involves two franchises rich in championship history.

The New York Islanders host the Edmonton Oilers at the Isles’ first year, Brooklyn home.

The two teams combined to win 8 of the 9 NHL titles from (1980-1988), each team winning four. It grows to 9 titles in 11 seasons as the Oilers sans Wayne Gretzky won a 5th title in 1990.

That tops the less, but fairly even distributed 8 titles in 9 seasons, won by the Los Angeles Lakers (5) and Boston Celtics (3), coincidentally also from (1980-1988).


Moses Malone pictured above and who sadly died in 2015, led the Philadelphia 76ers to the 1983 NBA crown. It was the only non Lakers or Celtics title from (1980-1988).

The Montreal Canadiens and Calgary Flames split a pair of NHL finals, (Montreal winning in 1986, Calgary in 1989), the only non Oilers or Islanders’ NHL crowns from (1980-1990).


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