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Super Bowl notes

January 31, 2016

While, as cited here the other day, only four of the 32 NFL franchises (one eighth-there are those fractions again), have never appeared in a Super Bowl, nine additional teams have failed to win a Super Bowl.

Thus 13 of the 32 teams, roughly 41 percent of the NFL teams, including the (0-1) in Supes, current entrant and 6 point favorite, Carolina Panthers have never won one.

The Detroit Lions (4), Philadelphia Eagles (3) and Arizona Cardinals (1 as the Chicago Cardinals) are the only franchises to have won an “all the way” NFL title(s) and not won a Super Bowl.

The Buffalo Bills, Tennessee Titans (2 as the Houston Oilers with George Blanda as their quarterback) and San Diego Chargers did win AFL titles, before Super Bowl play.

Franchises sans both Super Bowl and “all the way” (cue Eric Carmen and The Raspberries) title wins are the Minnesota Vikings, Atlanta Falcons, the Supe 50 favorite Carolina Panthers, and Cincinnati Bengals.

As cited the other day, in addition to the Lions, three other teams, all expansion teams, the Jacksonville Jaguars, new Cleveland Browns and Houston Texans have failed to make a Super Bowl appearance.

The reason for the “all the way” reference is that the 1969 Vikings did win an NFL title game, but failed to go “all the way” as they were beaten by the Kansas City Chiefs in the subsequent Super Bowl.



Raspberries – Go All the Way

Click above to view Eric and the Raspberries’ great hit “Go All the Way.”

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