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College Football playoff game predictions and comments

December 31, 2015

I am not happy with the playoff system in place in college football.

On top of that, the monolith that is ESPN has deemed New Year’s Eve the day and night for the two semi-final games today but apparently for 7 of the 10 years ahead.

They think that they control us. I will venture to a concert with Jimmy Buffett and Huey Lewis and not watch. You can do the same.

In those two games, three predictions.

Oklahoma, 4th in the rankings but 4 point favorite, to win.

Say Oklahoma 29 top ranked and the lone unbeaten, Clemson 19

Alabama is second and 10 point favorites vs Michigan State.

50 years ago, in separate bowl games, Alabama won and climbed ahead of Michigan State which lost, and vaulted to number one.

Tonight they clash.

Alabama 20 Michigan State 14

Third prediction, though their ratings will be down from last year when these games if they had to be played, were properly played on New Year’s Day not Eve, ESPN will still, unfortunately get good ratings.


Steve Sloan, who was the Alabama quarterback between Joe Namath and Ken Stabler, the latter whom we lost this year, led ‘Bama (already with 3 titles in the Obama administration) to an Associated Press 1965 national title clinching win in the Orange Bowl on January 1, 1966.

Alabama received help that New Year’s Day when not only as mentioned above, their semi-final opponent tonight, one day shy of 50 years later, Michigan State lost (to UCLA in the Rose Bowl) but also when unbeaten Arkansas lost in the Cotton Bowl to LSU.

Sloan then led the Crimson Tide to a (39-28) win over previously unbeaten Nebraska in the second night Orange Bowl.

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