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HELP Part Two and More to Come

October 28, 2015

I endured the entire 14 inning World Series opener won by the Kansas City Royals (5-4) over the New York Mets.

The Fox broadcast, interrupted briefly by a power failure in one of their generators, was better than those by TBS, but that is not saying much.

Why is Fox network “sideline reporter” Erin Andrews there? She can use a refresher course in English (so can most of us but SHE IS ON THE AIR). Essentially she uttered Eric Hosmer “HAD WROTE.”

The day/date free food is being given away by a sponsor was listed as November 5th, “this Thursday.” The next Thursday, tomorrow is October 29th.

Royals’ manager Ned Yost still has not learned and foolishly sacrificed twice. Once by doing so, he “lost” the opening game’s best hitter, Ben Zobrist. In the 14th even Yost knew to let Zobrist swing the bat and he delivered a big hit.

Last I saw a big mistake by by senior writer Jason Stark. It is shown below.

First of all, why not add that Babe Ruth did not just start the 14 inning World Series game in 1916, but pitched a 14 inning shutout and won the game. Pitchers today go 8 innings and it is front page news.

Next Mr. Blum’s home run was not a game ending home run as he played for the Chicago White Sox and the game 3 of the 2005 World Series Mr. Stark is citing, was in Houston vs the Astros.

Instead of using that horrible, ridiculous, term for a game ending play, I suggest you do your research, esteemed Mr. Stark, and get your facts correct.

A camera, a woman with poor English skills, a beyond over rated writer walk into a fast food place a week early for the free item. There has to be a joke somewhere and it is what ‘they’ have done to the once great game of baseball.

Click below for another performance of “Help” by The Beatles

The Beatles “Help” Live 1965 (Reelin’ In The Years Archives …

Click below for senior writer Jayson Stark’s factual error.

Senior Writer,

There have been two previous 14-inning games in World Series history. The first, in 1916, was started by Babe Ruth. The other, in 2005, was ended by a Geoff Blum walkoff HR. That’s your history update. For now.


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