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Dodgers’ Notes

September 30, 2015

The Los Angeles Dodgers wrapped up their third consecutive “one eighth” N.L. West title with an (8-0) win at San Francisco, eliminating the “even year” kings, the Giants.

S.F. won it all in 2010,2012, and 2014 but have not even made the baseball tournament in an odd year since 2003.

Next for the Dodgers is a quarterfinal/division series battle vs the New York Mets. The Dodgers and Mets clashed in the Mets’ 27th season (1988) and now will meet in “double that,” the Mets’ 54th season here in 2015.

The Mets hold a one and a half game lead over the Dodgers in the race for the “two seed” in the N.L. and home advantage in their upcoming series.

Last night Clayton Kershaw, a spectacular regular season pitcher, but almost the opposite in post season to this point, won the clinching game defeating my 2014 Athlete of the Year, Madison Bumgarner.

Bumgarner’s pitching exploits last season, which led the Giants to a third crown in 5 seasons, evoked memories of other great post season pitching performances, including those of Sandy Koufax.

To this point, Kershaw who has been compared to ex Dodger, Sandy (nobody since Lefty Grove should be), has been as stated above, a post season bust.

An (8-0) Giants win in game 1 of the best of 3 unscheduled 1962 NL playoff, eventually won by the Giants, was achieved vs Koufax, albeit an injured Koufax.

At that point with only a tough, well pitched (1-0) loss to Bob Shaw and the Chicago White Sox in the 1959 World Series, eventually won by L.A, on Sandy’s post season summary, his post season exploits while not as bad as Kershaw’s to this point, were not good.

Sandy Koufax, from that point on was one of the most incredible post season pitchers of any time.

It is just an “(8-0) hunch” that Kershaw, especially if he and L.A. get get by the Mets in the “quarters,” will shine this post season. Surely he is due.


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