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New York Mets’ Notes

September 27, 2015

For the sixth time in their 54 seasons, the New York Mets finished in first place.

All the first place finishes were division titles, four of the far more impressive and meaningful “one quarter” titles in 1969, 1973, 1986 and 1988. This year’s division title and the one the Mets secured in 2006 were the “one eighth” variety.

Yesterday was the second time in Mets’ history that they became one of eight teams in the baseball tournament, with a win at Cincinnati. The other time was in a “do or die” one game playoff for the bogus wild card berth in 1999.

The Mets also beat the Cincinnati Reds in a best of five NLCS, in 5 games in 1973.

Earlier this season it was noted here that the Colorado Rockies truly helped the Mets overtake the Washington Nationals, by losing all 7 games to the Mets and winning games vs Washington.

The last two days, the Rockies have helped the Mets take a one half lead in the loss column vs the Dodgers in the battle for the National League two seed, with consecutive home wins vs L.A.



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