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Perspective and a Pete Rose Recollection

August 29, 2015

Hopefully I have made it clear that it is as close to an absolute “sports disgrace,” (nothing is absolute and sports has limited, but valid importance) that Pete Rose is not in baseball’s Hall of Fame. At some point, I will address the issue in some detail, with personal insights and experiences involving Pete.

One for today and having reviewed my “notes,” it makes me both laugh and cry as time’s passage and life’s reality often does.

It is early in the 1976 baseball season, say early May and my team, at the time, the L.A. Dodgers are hot and ahead of the defending world champion Cincinnati Reds in the NL West “one quarter/no wild card” standings.

I call Pete at the New York Hotel at which he is staying. He is “dozing” and would have had every “courtesy right” to end our conversation immediately, perhaps without apology. He did not, despite my 20 year old arrogance regarding the rival Dodgers.

I said to Pete’s “dozing” answer as to what he was doing that “are you sure you are not tuning in for scores involving the Dodgers at Cubs afternoon tilt that day?

Pete politely answered “it was too early in the season for that.” Of course the Reds had beaten out a very good Dodgers’ team by 20 games the year before and would beat out another very good L.A. team by about 10 games in 1976.

In a polite conversation with a somewhat “pumped up” rival team, 20 year old Dodgers’ fan, Pete Rose had the proper perspective. Need I say the “proper perspective” is get Pete into the Hall of Fame where he belongs. Even more perspective, it is far from the most important thing, but I truly hope he does get the honor.


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