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Thoughts After Watching “Witness For The Prosecution” on TCM

August 23, 2015

Here are some thoughts after watching the fabulous movie, “Witness For The Prosecution” on TCM last night.

First off, continued kudos to hosts Robert Osborne and Sally Field in setting up the movies in “The Essentials” series on Saturday nights.

Field, whose mother studied with the fabulous Charles Laughton, cited Mr. Laughton as the best of all English speaking actors. In my opinion, if Mr. Laughton is not the best, it does not take much time to call his name.

In the film, actor John Williams is involved in a case involving a woman named “French” and years later played the other “Mr. French” on the television show, “Family Affair,” after Sebastian Cabot, the first “Mr.French” departed the show.

A stretch but here goes: Tyrone Power’s character in “Witness for the Prosecution,” remembers September 3rd as the day he was wed. Years later, “The Third of September” is a day “remembered” in “The Temptations” classic hit “Papa Was A Rollin’ Stone.”



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