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Notes While Watching the Turner Classic Movies Channel (TCM)

June 23, 2015

Some observations, at least, my citing of coincidences or notes, while perusing the offerings of the great commercial free channel TCM (Turner Classic Movies).

In “A Place in the Sun,” a fine 1951 film based on Theodore Dreiser’s great book, “An American Tragedy,” the brooding, brilliant Montgomery Clift plays “George Eastman.”

In one scene, he makes a great shot on the pool table of Angela Vickers’ (played by Elizabeth Taylor), rich family. This impresses Angela/Elizabeth.

Two years later (1953) (and an hour or so later in the back to back TV showings), Clift playing “Robert Lee Pruitt,” gets the praise of Frank Sinatra’s “Maggio” for his pool ability in “From Here to Eternity.” Mr. Sinatra, by the way, revived his career with an Oscar for best supporting actor in “Eternity.”

In another scene, Jack Warden, who went on to become one of the great character actors, comments on a Sergeant WARDEN, repeating the name WARDEN, who was played by Burt Lancaster.

Lancaster’s Sergeant Warden famously kisses Deborah Kerr (pronounced Car as in Star as I once heard film critic Jeffrey Lyons utter) on the beach in a beautiful scene. Kerr’s character is named Karen.

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