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NBA Update: San Antonio Spurs’ Tough Road

April 23, 2015

Screen Shot 12146Unlike the Cleveland Cavaliers and their “double dipping” great player LeBron James (not once, but twice he got to pick his team, each time opting to play in the exponentially weaker NBA Eastern Conference) the San Antonio Spurs’ road to the NBA finals is not only “long and winding,” but truly difficult.

Being in the far tougher NBA West is not the Spurs’ fault. However they can blame themselves for that last night of the regular season loss to the New Orleans Pelicans, which dropped San Antonio from the “2” to the “6” seed.

That result makes the road, (that is the operative word as most likely the Spurs will be sans home advantage in any Western Conference Series) to the finals and the title so much more difficult.

So far in the playoffs, the Spurs got the split in L.A. vs the Clippers, and while that helps, the task of winning three series in the Western Conference appears too tough even for this near great to great Spurs team/franchise to overcome.


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