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NFL Week 17 Predictions

December 27, 2014

The NFC North crown and very likely the NFC two seed goes to the winner of tomorrow’s Detroit Lions at Green Bay Packers game. I predict the touchdown underdog Lions will play very well and may even win outright. Green Bay 27 Detroit 23.

Someone has to win the woeful NFC South. Either the Carolina Panthers with a (6-8-1) record going into the game or the (6-9) Atlanta Falcons will win the crown and play at home in next week’s wild card round. I predict the field goal favorite, home-standing Falcons to be that team. They will win the game by 7 points. By the way, the game will air on CBS, the AFC Network, even though the two teams are from the NFC.

In a game that does not affect the playoff race, the field goal favorite New York Giants will win by 10 points vs the disappointing Philadelphia Eagles, whose consecutive losses to the Seattle Seahawks, Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins dropped them out of the playoffs race.

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