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Baseball Hall of Fame Ceremonies: Hollow Without Pete Rose

July 28, 2014

I guess I feel good for the players and managers inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame yesterday. However, it is virtually impossible for me to feel good about a place that keeps out one of the greatest players ever, namely Pete Rose.

Joe Torre apparently felt bad about his paucity of comments regarding George Steinbrenner ( to me, the less said about him the better) and always remember Joe, if you lost the 1996 playoff series to the Texas Rangers, Steinbrenner would have fired you. (By the way maybe you should have thanked Johnny Oates the Texas manager, who managed horrendously vs you, as well).

Instead Joe should feel bad he failed to plead the case for the great Rose, a contemporary in the great National League of their time.

Simply put, Rose belongs in the “Hall” and Torre, who rushed to congratulate Rose after Pete scored the winning run in the 1970 All Star Game, could have done something to help Pete.

Someone better do so, hopefully ending the Hall’s injustice toward Pete, and countless people like me, who feel terrible that he is not there.

In recalling the 1965 All Star telecast, one marvels at the players introduced as the National League’s starting nine.

With Torre’s induction, six of those nine starters are in the “Hall.” Two not in, Richie Allen and Maury Wills, are far more deserving of enshrinement than some already in.

The other is Pete Rose and maybe next year with Bud Selig no longer commissioner, Rose will take his proper place in Cooperstown.

Until that happens, the “Hall,” with all its good, carves a hollow place in my heart, which if nothing else, writhes in pain when injustice, as is so often the norm, manifests.

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