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Book Discussion: “The Fight of Their Lives”

May 29, 2014

It was another great event at the fabulous Bergino Clubhouse (67 East 11th Street) last night as author John Rosengren discussed his book “The Fight of Their Lives,” with Bergino Clubhouse owner Jay Goldberg.

The book is about the before, during, and after of an August 1965 game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants, best known for an incident involving the Dodgers’ John Roseboro and the Giants’ Juan Marichal.

Yes, it was the game in which Marichal hit Roseboro on his head with a baseball bat. Yet as Mr. Rosengren detailed with interesting anecdotes and a heartfelt reading from the book it is so much more.

Ultimately it is a story of forgiveness and the fact almost nothing is so one sided. Details about the year 1965, each player’s personal woes that year, and more tidbits about the Dodgers/Giants rivalry were revealed.

I can not wait to read the book which will take me back not only to a glorious baseball time and a pure pennant race, but will serve me in life’s never ending quest to grow.

Mr. Rosengren in tackling this story of  forgiveness and in being moved to tears regarding Hank Greenberg in a previous book, shows articulate compassion.

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