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Thoughts on Jason Collins

February 24, 2014

Jason Collins, listed next to last in the box score, received an inordinate amount of publicity for playing 11 minutes in a basketball game last night.

The reason is that Collins is the first openly gay player in professional sports.

I discussed Collins situation last year and hope for the day when a player being gay is not made a big deal by the media.

He did not score a point and had two rebounds. There was an awful lot of publicity for very small basketball production.

Of course gay rights as human rights is an important issue. However, with all my problems, I do not have the problem of caring what someone’s race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation happens to be.

One postscript: also on Sunday but with far less publicity a “Gay” had a great game with 32 points and 11 rebounds. That player has the surname Gay, he is Rudy Gay of the Sacramento Kings.

Jason Collins

Jason Collins

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