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Spring Training, Ernie Banks and Curt Flood

February 20, 2014

Baseball spring training is upon us and as the saying goes everyone starts even.

That means even the Chicago Cubs, sans a World Title for 105 years and a pennant for 68 get a fresh start.

The great Ernie Banks who played for the Cubs from (1953-1971) epitomizes the great spirit that baseball can produce. On a beautiful day, he will say “let’s play two.”

He was a great player, first as a shortstop and then played first base. He never got into a post season game but hit over 500 home runs. He is a deserving member of the Baseball Hall of Fame.

When I saw him years back, I remember he and the great Curt Flood joking around. He kidded Flood as ballplayers do but quickly asked if I knew of Curt’s courage and contribution in challenging the baseball reserve clause.

I did know and he went back to kidding Mr. Flood. Ernie’s great spirit and gregarious nature often echoes his “let’s play two” philosophy.

That goes for baseball or kidding a respected friend, baseball opponent and great contributor like Curt Flood.

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