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World Series Notes

October 27, 2013

The St.Louis Cardinals exciting win in game three of the World Series, which ended with an obstruction call enabling the winning run to score, reversed some history and repeated some other.

In 1985, the Cards took a (1-0) lead to the bottom of the ninth inning of game six at Kansas City (Royals, remember them). Three outs to get and they would win it all.

They should have had the very important first batter retired but Don Denkinger, a true gentleman who once surprised me with a courteous return call, called Jorge Orta safe, when he was out at first base.

Eventually pinch hitter Dane Iorg delivered an all time clutch hit, while Steve Balboni had an important hit. Additionally, the Cards made some miscues, all leading to a Royals win.

It was not just the call. Yet it certainly was a very important factor in the game’s outcome.

The next night exactly 28 years ago tonight, the Royals rolled to an (11-0) win, producing their only title in their 45 year existence.

History also repeated of sorts as interference or “non interference” was the key play the last time the Red Sox played game three of a (1-1) World Series.

That game in 1975 also resulted in a Red Sox loss. That was to the Reds and this was to the “Redbirds,” each manifesting in Boston and their fans “seeing red.”

In 1975, umpire Larry Barnett ruled no interference on Ed Armbrister’s attempted sacrifice, on which Red Sox catcher, Carlton Fisk’s throw sailed into centerfield. That play put the winning run on third base with none out.

Joe Morgan drove in the run and the Reds won game three and eventually took a great World Series in 7 games.

Last night the call was important, likely correct, but a tough way for a World Series game to end. The big mistake, among many mistakes by both teams, was Red Sox catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia even attempting a throw to third base.

A superb play by Red Sox second baseman, Dustin Pedroia  had made it likely, not certain, the Red Sox would get out of the ninth inning.

Moving forward, the Red Sox really do need a win tonight much as they got in game four, 38 years ago.

Toward that end, perhaps comfort for their rooters in the fact that in game 4/1975 WS, Joe Morgan, who had the winning hit in #3, was retired on a pop fly ball to end game four.

The star of that game four for the Sox was center fielder Fred Lynn. Perhaps tonight against Cards’ starter, Lance Lynn, the Red Sox will even the series.

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