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The One and Only Sid Bernstein

August 30, 2013

Perhaps it is a bit late to pay tribute to a man who was most certainly “early” in discovery, a true visionary, Sid Bernstein, who died last week after an incredible life, at age 95.

Sid is best known for bringing the amazing “Beatles” to the United States and in organizing their historic Shea Stadium performance in 1965.

He was and did so much more. There were other great performers in his realm (Judy Garland and Jimi Hendrix to name two of so many).

On each day, Sid arose, went to work and did so in a most dignified manner. He reached out to so many and brought delight to innumerable quantities.

I met Mr. Bernstein a number of times always addressing him as Sid, which went along with his great penchant for connecting with people.

The last time I saw him was on opening night for the Broadway, Beatles, tribute type show, “Rain,” in 2010.

As though I were the most important reporter in the world, Sid took his time amidst the tumult, (a word he surely used) to answer my question.

Sid Bernstein talked of the Beatles and 1964 and the world of 2010. He was a big part of history but was oh so modest.

Maybe now he is working on intergalactic promotions which will manifest in a great “group/talent” bringing joy on some distant planet. If anyone can do that, it is Sid Bernstein.

click to listen to tribute song on you tube

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