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Bruins vs Penguins Very Likely

May 23, 2013

It is almost certain that it will be the 2011 Stanley Cup Champion, Boston Bruins vs the 2009 champion, Pittsburgh Penguins in one NHL semi-final round.

The top ranked Penguins, who had to really battle before defeating the New York Islanders in six games in the preliminary round, now have a three games to one lead vs the Ottawa Senators.

 Four teams from Canada made the playoffs, two met in the first round and the other two lost. Now it is very likely there will be no team from Canada in the semi-final round for the second straight season.

Meanwhile the Boston Bruins have a commanding three games to none lead vs the New York Rangers. It was just three years ago that the Bruins had a (3-0) series lead vs the Philadelphia Flyers in the “quarters” and still lost the series. However, since then the Bruins won the Stanley Cup two years ago and this year have won four straight games including a miracle win vs the Toronto Maple Leafs in game seven of the preliminary round.

By the way, the last five, all different, Stanley Cup winning teams are in the quarterfinals, for what I believe to be the first time in NHL history.

The others, in addition to the Bruins and Penguins are last year’s champion, Los Angeles Kings, the 2010 title holding, Chicago Black Hawks and the 2008 winners, the Detroit Red Wings.

Those three are in the NHL West and after key games tonight, there will be an NHL West update here tomorrow.

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