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Excitement So Far In NBA Quarterfinals

May 7, 2013

In my post of April 25th, I wrote there was little mystery in the preliminary round of the NBA playoffs after two games in each of the eight series. Though only one of the six teams down two games to none advanced, the Golden State Warriors and Chicago Bulls each (1-1) in their series, when I posted, went on to upset series wins.

Now I cite the excitement thus far in the quarterfinal round, with each series one game old.

The Chicago Bulls, after winning as a seven point underdog, in the decisive seventh game vs the Brooklyn Nets in the prelims, went into Miami and shocked the defending champion, and top ranked Heat. The Bulls, 12 point and eight to one underdogs, won game one.

Two other quarterfinal, opening games were decided by two points. In the other, an upset victory occurred.

Though the San Antonio Spurs, on an incredibly clutch and wide open three point basket by Manu Ginobili, won game one vs the amazing Golden State Warriors and Steph Curry, it took two overtimes for the (129-127) win.

The Warriors now (7-0) vs the spread and an amazing underdog story, were nine point underdogs. Steph Curry scored 44 points for the Warriors in the loss.

On Sunday, the Indiana Pacers won game one at New York, vs the Knicks. Indiana, which lost their quarterfinal series last year in six games vs the Heat, after leading two games to one, were five and a half point underdogs in game 1.

Meanwhile the Oklahoma City Thunder, three point favorites in game one, but series underdogs, won the opener by two points vs the Memphis Grizzlies.

Finally, in its recap of the Spurs two point win vs the Warriors, in its “defining moment” portion, ESPN .com put out another factual error.

Their account stated the Spurs were down by two points when Ginobili made the all important three point shot with one second left in the second overtime. In fact the Spurs were behind by one point. Hence the (129-127) two point Spurs’ victory margin.

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