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Re: Gay and Remembering Dave Kopay

April 30, 2013

In light of active NBA player Jason Collins saying he is gay, let’s take some time (time the operative word as why did it take so much of that most valuable thing for Collins or anyone to do so ?!!) to remember former NFL running back, Dave Kopay.

Three years after his retirement from the NFL in 1972, Kopay announced his sexual orientation was homosexual. That happenstance was incredibly brave and a good deal of time in the past.

Mr. Kopay has gone on to do great work on behalf of athletes, who happen to be gay.

One way to look at all this and maybe it is advanced for some of you but Dave Kopay was not exactly Jim Brown or even that good an NFL running back. Yet do you know how good a running back he was to make the NFL which surely had less available spots then.

When and then— as WHEN this country evoke standards of performance and not race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation and perhaps most of all lineage, THEN “we” will have something much(o) better than what now exists.

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