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Theatre Review: “Four Messages”

April 22, 2013

“Four Messages,” is a thoroughly enjoyable, musical play about singer, songwriter, and actor Ned Massey.

It combines  great pathos with some humor.The music with words and lyrics by Mr. Massey is excellent.

The play is nicely done and has a very good pace. Ned narrates and also plays himself. Christopher Sutton and Sarah Hund  also do great work in flashbacks, playing Ned and his wife respectively.

It is Ned’s story in which he did receive four messages from God. Clearly, the story is about faith but not traditional faith. One name evoked, in fact by the first message, is legendary musical record producer, John Hammond.

I highly recommend “Four Messages” which is playing at The Studio Theater at 410 West 42nd Street. The musical play, with fine direction by Larry Loonin, runs through May 4th.

For tickets, click here

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