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Watching C-Span

April 12, 2013

I enjoyed watching C-Span for a bit today. I wish and will try to watch it more often. If someone like me, who surely “wanders,” can watch for a while, so can most of you.

Today is the 68th anniversary of Franklin Roosevelt’s death which I knew and did not hear cited. However, I  also learned this is the 236th anniversary of Henry Clay’s birth. This was brought to the attention of The House of Representatives by Kentucky’s Andy Barr.

Clay from Kentucky was “The Great Compromiser.” That and Andy Barr’s name reminded me about so many who “bar” people from their lives. This is made easier by caller identification. It inflicts pain by failing to compromise in any way.

I also heard tribute paid to Booth Gardner, the late Washington Governor, who was ahead of his time in introducing legislation that looked at a person’s competence and not their sexual orientation.

This time I watched C-Span for some thirty minutes and it was highly informative. Next time I hope to watch longer.

Again, if I can do it you can do it. I have no children, but care a bit about the future. Many of you have children so I suggest becoming more informed about how our Congress works.

It is a little bit more important then watching talking heads/loudmouths like Skip Bayless and the “other one” (S A Smith) shriek regarding contrived, “producer picked” sports’ non issues.

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