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Harvard Sports Moments

March 22, 2013

If only I had read a back issue of AARP magazine a day earlier. It turns out that both Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones, who co starred in “Hope Springs” (see August 31, 2012 post) last year, were both associated with the famed 1968 “Harvard beats Yale (29-29)” football game.

Perhaps then I would have “vibed” the  best Harvard sports moment since, when their basketball team upset West Region “3” seed, New Mexico in a second round game last night.

For the record, Tommy Lee Jones played in the (29-29) game as a Harvard lineman. Harvard scored two touchdowns and converted both two point conversions in the last minute to tie Yale (29-29). Streep, then a Vassar College undergraduate, attended the game.

The next day’s “Harvard Crimson” headline read “Harvard beats Yale (29-29).” Such was the magnitude of gaining the tie in such a fashion as a big underdog. Next for this Harvard team, 45 or so years later, is a third round game vs Arizona University. The latter is favored by ten points.

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