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Jays, Robertos and World Series Ending Home Runs

February 27, 2013

Twenty years ago, the Toronto Blue Jays repeated as World Series champions. However, they have not made a postseason appearance (despite expanded playoffs) since that time.

Now the Jays are among the favorites to win this year’s World Series. I do not see it but that is why they play the games, as I have often written.

When the Blue Jays repeated, the Series ended on a home run by Joe Carter. Only one other time did the Fall Classic end on a home run and that was when Bill Mazeroski ended the 1960 World Series in the Pittsburgh Pirates’ favor vs the New York Yankees.

It is noteworthy that in the Jays’ rally to win the World Series vs Mitch Williams and the Philadelphia Phillies that Hall of Famers contributed mightily for Toronto. Rickey Henderson started the rally with a walk and Paul Molitor singled him to second with one out. Carter then homered vs Williams, who also blew a lead in game four of that series.

When Mazeroski hit the home run to win the 1960 World Series, one can notice a Hall of Fame player named Roberto, (Clemente) on the right side of the “victory celebration.” When Carter homered to win the 1993 World Series, another Hall of Fame player named Roberto (Alomar) is on the right side of the victory celebration.

Roberto Alomar

Roberto Alomar

Roberto Clemente

Roberto Clemente

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