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Hail the Ravens

February 6, 2013

The Baltimore Ravens richly deserved their Super Bowl Title winning as an aggregate 22 point or so underdog in the Divisional round, Conference championship game and Super Bowl.

The play of Joe Flacco, Anquan Boldin, Dennis Pitta and especially Jacoby Jones was stellar. Another “who but me?!” as I note a Jacoby first name (the just referenced Jacoby Jones) and a Jacoby last name (the Washington Redskins’ Joe Jacoby) were on Super Bowl winning teams 30 years apart.

I am still “middle of the road” concerning Ray Lewis, a truly great linebacker (not as great as Lawrence Taylor) as far as “off the field” is concerned. He was never tried for the events often associated with him and deserves the rights all citizens have in that regard. However, few athletes are role models and Lewis is not one of them. In Las Vegas and face it elsewhere, one could wager (over or under) on how many times Lewis would evoke God in his post game talks. Saying he does too much of it is a vast understatement.

The Ravens are the 9th team to win the Super Bowl after losing in the previous year’s conference title game. Either the Ravens or the SF 49ers were going to be the 9th team to win the Super Bowl after a conference title game loss in the previous season.The 49ers also lost in a conference championship game last season.

The breakdown is as follows: 11 Super Bowl winners did not qualify for the playoffs in the previous season. Also 11 had lost in the divisional round in the previous year. Nine winners repeated as champions, an equal number (9) had lost in the previous year’s conference title game (the Ravens becoming the ninth to do so). A total of seven lost in the wild card round (4), the Super Bowl (2), and in an unscheduled playoff (1), the year before striking “Super Bowl gold.” The team to lose in an unscheduled playoff game the year before winning the Super Bowl was the Kansas City Chiefs (at the Oakland Raiders for the AFL West crown in 1968).


Joe Jacoby

Joe Jacoby

Jacoby Jones

Jacoby Jones

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