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50 Years Since 1962 NFL Title Game

December 30, 2012

Today is the exact 50 year anniversary of the Green Bay Packers’ (16-7) win vs the New York Giants in the 1962 NFL Title Game, played on a bitterly cold day at Yankee Stadium.

Jerry Kramer, who was better known as a great guard, yet disgracefully is not in the Football Hall of Fame, kicked three field goals for the Packers. Jim Taylor, who lead the NFL in rushing that 1962 season (the only time in his nine seasons that Jim Brown, who finished fourth that season, did not lead the league in rushing) had the lone Packers’ touchdown. The late Ray Nitschke, who recovered two fumbles, was the MVP of the game. That night he appeared on the television show, “What’s My Line.”

I recall listening to the game on the radio with my father and best friend. The latter was deemed too young at age seven to attend the game, given the freezing conditions. His father and others in their group whom I fondly recall taking parking tickets off cars already ticketed, putting them on their vehicle (a van as I recall), successfully illegally parking near Yankee Stadium, were in attendance.

Perhaps it is them cheering in the NFL Films version of the game, standing behind the “402” mark at Yankee Stadium. (This was the first title game recorded by NFL Films, then Blair Motion Pictures, named for founder Ed Sabol’s daughter. I note this in the year we lost Steve Sabol, Ed’s son, who contributed so much with NFL Films.)

Fifty years later, it is the last day of the regular season in the NFL. It is likely, not certain, that the Giants will be eliminated from title hopes again, exactly 50 years later. While the Packers can secure a week off and at least one home game, no matter they will not be eliminated from title hopes today. The Giants of (’61-63) did not win a title though led by Y.A. Tittle; had some great records. Twice the Giants with both Eli Manning at quarterback and mediocre records did win the title.

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