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Giants and Jets Evaluation

December 13, 2012

Some people are actually saying that in the long run, the Giants are better off losing to the Atlanta Falcons this Sunday. I see that in the sense that it will be hard for the Giants to beat Atlanta this Sunday and again in the playoffs. However, the Giants are in a battle not only for the NFC East crown but also for playoff qualification so this game at Atlanta certainly has great importance.

The Falcons can certainly afford a loss and I feel that they would be better off avoiding the Giants in the playoffs especially if Atlanta wins on Sunday. At their best, the Giants are as good as any team. Intangibles are against them, so I feel somewhere they will lose and not repeat as Super Bowl champions. Yet, do not rule them out, and Gary Myers, is in my opinion, way off base saying they will be inferior to Robert Griffin and the Washington Redskins in the near future.

At this moment, the Giants are discernibly better than Washington and my pick is that the Dallas Cowboys will beat the Redskins in the season finale. Then again there is a reason they play the games.

I was surprised and a bit disappointed that Greg McElroy was not the quarterback for the now (6-7) Jets against the now (2-11) Jacksonville Jaguars last week. After all, he had just come in the previous game and helped the Jets beat the Arizona Cardinals, another down team which now has lost nine straight games after winning their first four.

The Jets have a schedule that gives them a chance to be a wild card team. However, even if the Jets win all three remaining games (at Tennessee which is a 2 point favorite, home vs Miami a game in which the Jets will not be a big favorite and at Buffalo which also will be considered a close game by odds makers), they still need the Pittsburgh Steelers to lose twice and the Steelers will be favored in all three remaining games.

I do not think the Jets will win all three and I do not think the Steelers will lose two, but again, there is a reason they play the games. Now it will be, and I go along with Sanchez as the starting quarterback.

The Jets and Sanchez are clearly capable of winning these games (I still say they will not) and “percentages” say Sanchez is their best option. “Percentages” do not mean that much and this is a close call. Given that Sanchez and not McElroy was selected last week, I would stay with Sanchez this week. The coach, Rex Ryan, will start Sanchez.

Perhaps a need for Mc Elroy will manifest during this not so enticing Monday Night tilt; Jets at Titans. This is not the old New York Titans, who became the Jets, but the Tennessee Titans, nee Houston Oilers. Bring back Don Manyard and Charlie “The Horse” Hennigan, not to mention Joe Namath and George Blanda.

Don Maynard

Don Maynard

Charlie Hennigan

Charlie Hennigan

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