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Falcons: “Fairly Formidable”

December 1, 2012

Just as we will go one team at a time in our review of likely division champions, the Atlanta Falcons, who twice before failed to win a playoff game despite being the NFC one seed, are not “counting their chickens” even if as is likely, they gain the NFC one seed.

Right now the Falcons are on the precipice of a second NFC South title in three seasons. Atlanta also will have at least a one and a half game lead at the NFL “three quarter pole” in the battle for the NFC one seed. They are not regarded as the conference favorite, have struggled in many of their wins and their stellar young quarterback, Matt Ryan has yet to win a playoff game.

It is ridiculous to make predictions and while it is unlikely Atlanta will fall below a two seed, the bye and home game did not matter for Ryan and the Falcons in their loss to the Green Bay Packers when they were the NFC “one seed” two years ago. It is noteworthy that in each of the last two seasons, the Falcons were ousted by the eventual Super Bowl champion; the Packers in 2010 and the NY Giants last year.

Speaking of the Giants, they lost to the eventual Super Bowl champion in both 1984 and 1985 before winning their first Super Bowl in 1986. Maybe the same pattern will emerge regarding the Falcons. Time will tell, but for now you take any one NFC team other than Atlanta, while I will take Atlanta to make the Super Bowl. In other words, I am not saying they will win the NFC, but in my opinion their chances to do so are better than any other team. Hence the “gentlemen’s bet” suggested above.


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  1. Andy B. permalink

    Hi Frank

    Thanks for the comment and I will try to clear up the confusion.First off, being the conference “1” seed and being the conference favorite are two different things. I think we agree the Falcons are likely to be the one seed. Not definitely, but likely.However, the Niners are,by a close margin, the favorites in Las Vegas to make the Super Bowl. It is considered very close with SF then Atlanta but with the Giants,Packers and Bears all considered having a good chance.

    What I said and I am sorry for the confusion is that– say I was making a bet with you as to whom would make the “Supe” from the NFC, I would say Frank I will take Atlanta and you can pick any other team.Say you took SF and Green Bay makes the Supe then neither of us would win the bet.

    So to sum up, Atlanta is not the favorite in Las Vegas,though it is close with five teams considered to have a good chance, a perception with which I agree.I would pick Atlanta as my first choice but with at least 4 other contenders the odds are vs them.You can get roughly two to one on them now.

    Finally, thanks for responding and I happen to be one who does not like factual mistakes and likes to “discuss.” You made good points and I hope I cleared up the confusion and that you continue to read the posts.By the way are you a Falcons’ fan? Do you remember Jim Mitchell?

    Best, Andy B.

  2. Andy B. permalink

    First of all, again it is nice to hear from you.I am reasonably objective, not an expert,almost always get my facts straight and cringe when those on the air do not.I hope you are a Falcons’ fan and hope to hear from you right through the Super Bowl.

    Perhaps you are correct in that I rarely take a definitive stand on predictions because that is not what I do and I have found that one can make some money or gain “mucho” satisfaction by going against the so called experts.

    Yesterday, without playing, the Falcons had a great day.I will detail that in my NFC Review on Tuesday. Now the Falcons are almost certain to be the NFC “one seed” I would think they will be favorites to win the NFC but one can still likely get close to two to one odds on them doing so. Personally, and to you(of course my readers can see this as well) I like their chances but clearly it will be tough.Likely Atlanta will have to beat two of the following four teams(SF,Green Bay,New York Giants and Chicago) to make the Super Bowl.

    Addressing all your points: Vegas decides who is the conference favorite,certainly not me.Won’t go in to how that is done.My “endorsement” of the Falcons was one of a plurality as I thought they had the best chance(at the time likely one seed etc)but realized how wide open it is. Next point, I never said I am taking Atlanta to win the Super Bowl, please read the post again. I did say the Falcons are a likely one seed and now say they are an almost certain “one seed.” I did say they are my top choice to win the NFC and as a gauge of how I felt said I would take them and another party could take any other team.If Atlanta made the “Supe” I win,if their team say SF as in the example I used yesterday makes it,they win.If another team,say Green Bay makes it,neither of us wins. On your next point,I already stated that “Vegas” determines the favorite. As far as being an expert, I am an historical expert albeit one not recognized commensurrate with my incredible recall.The only “edge” I have is knowing how unpredictable this is.I also have a great knowledge of the odds.

    Now again I enjoy your comments and starting this week will offer a Super Bowl matchup prediction each week. Those will include some reasons but please do not take them as “gospel” or anything close.Also stay tuned for a great deal about the Falcons.There is a reason I started my team reviews with them.How far do you go back with the Falcons? I hope you are a fan.Keep it in perspective but enjoy it.

    Best,Andy B.

    PS Who is the Falcons’ radio announcer? I recall Mr.Munson, known more for Georgia U. doing their games in the early ’80’s.


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