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Verlander on TBS: A New Low

October 28, 2012

Why did Justin Verlander stay on the air with the TBS announcers for the entire bottom of the third inning of game four of the ALCS vs the Yankees. He was allowed to cheer for his Tigers on a so called neutral broadcast? I do not like the managers or pitching coaches coming on for a minute but compared to what was allowed by TBS with Verlander, that every game occurrence is only a minor annoyance. By the way, imagine Vince Lombardi, the late, great football coach talking to a sideline reporter before a game. Alas the next insightful thing to come from a sideline reporter will be the first insightful thing.

Maybe the karma of doing all that talking and rooting came back to “get” Verlander, the high priced favorite and losing pitcher, in game one of the World Series. No matter, it was a “bush” act by a supposedly great pitcher.

As the New York area braces for a possible hurricane it is noteworthy that had the Yankees won the ALCS games Sunday, Monday and Tuesday would likely have been postponed. Those games would have been at Yankee Stadium.

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