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Monday Night Events: Lions, Tigers and Bears, and Much More

October 22, 2012

In the iconic film “The Wizard of Oz,” three of the four characters repeatedly chant, if not sing, “Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my!” as they walk through the forest before meeting the “Cowardly” Lion. That chant/song comes to mind as I think about tonight’s big televised events. In addition to a Lions at Bears football game, there will be the final Presidential Candidate Debate for 2012, as well as the decisive seventh game in the NLCS. The winner of that seventh game will face the Tigers in the World Series. Lions, Tigers, Bears and much more, indeed.


Which, if any, will you watch tonight? The busy Monday schedule features the final Presidential Debate beginning at nine p.m. (Eastern time), while the final game of the National League Championship Series begins at eight p.m. (Eastern time). Additionally, there is a “Monday Night Football” game starting at eight thirty p.m. (Eastern time).

TV remote controls will be working overtime. Taping one and not hearing any results or opinions is a good way to circumvent this confluence of “big” events. Personally, I will watch the baseball with no sound, and listen to the debate. Often, the candidates’ rhetoric can be annoying, but to me, less so than seventh game NLCS commentators, Joe Buck and Tim Mc Carver.

Coincidentally, years back, some people turned off the sound on Monday Night Football and listened to the radio. The late Jack Buck, Joe Buck’s father), was the play by play man on those radio broadcasts. Now, I can “reverse” that circumstance and another one involving “Joe Buck.” In the song, “Everybody’s Talking At Me,” (sung by the late, great Harry Nilsson) which was the theme song for the movie, “Midnight Cowboy,” the main character “Joe Buck” laments “Everybody’s talking at me but I don’t hear a word they are saying.” Now by shutting off Joe Buck, not only do I “reverse” people shutting off the sound on the television to hear Joe’s late father Jack, but now Joe Buck will be talking at me and I will NOT hear a word HE is saying.

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