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NFL Reviewed

September 26, 2012

While the big talk around the NFL is about the replacement officials, especially regarding the Monday night ending which also affected the point spread result, only three teams are unbeaten after three weeks. After the Minnesota Vikings denied the “anointed” San Francisco 49ers in an early Sunday game, three teams won in late games to raise their records to (3-0). Two of the teams won vs other (2-0) teams, the Atlanta Falcons (at San Diego) and the Arizona Cardinals, who won at home vs the Philadelphia Eagles. Both teams represent areas starting with the letter “A,” have “bird” nicknames and were 3 point underdogs. The other (3-0) team and they will be “anointed” this week; the Houston Texans, who won as 2 point favorites in Denver vs the Broncos. The Texans’ seemingly easy division (they are 35 to 1 favorites to win the AFC South) and schedule make them a logical choice to be the AFC top seed. They are very good but let’s not put them in the CBS broadcast “Supe” just yet. Why cite CBS as to the Super Bowl so early? I can just see lead announcer Jim Nantz and his Houston “friends” really enjoying themselves in nearby New Orleans. Paraphrasing “Archie Bunker,” I can live without seeing that spectacle.

The outburst regarding replacement officials is now officially “viral” as the kids say and typical of our virtually doomed society as I wish I could tell those who are so disproportionally outraged by it. Sure it was the improper call at the end of the Seattle Seahawks’ upset win vs the Green Bay Packers. Also I truly feel sorry for anyone who lost a big bet on the result, but if one has to gamble, one has to be aware of the financial and emotional risk. There have been worse “gambling burns” than this one where while like most of the populace, I agree it was the wrong call it was not a totally blown call. Also this was the 2nd last play “Hail Mary” that went for a touchdown in this 3rd week of NFL action. The Packers also allowed such a play right before the half of their division round loss to the Giants. This type of play really should never work and certainly not twice in a week and also in a playoff game. The pass defense was worse than the officials’ calls and those are not replacement players.

Alas all the furor will cause the greedy NFL owners and league brass to do as the big, big stockholder and exert its real power. Thus the “regular” officials will be back within 2 weeks. That is my opinion and so is the above. You know what they liken “having an opinion” to. One more such opinion or really a feeling: and that is I sometimes wish Marty Glickman, Ray Scott and others were not such great broadcasters. Also that Jim Brown, John Unitas, Bart Starr, Lance Alworth and others were not such great players. See they were of football past and I was young and not aware. Football became a big part of my “emotional landscape.” Now it is all too clear that the NFL has a few too many “warts” to love or perhaps even like/watch. I will not stop but I have already severely cut back my time spent watching and will decrease said watching by an even greater margin. I will review it here so stay tuned and most of all, please keep it all in perspective.

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