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The “Fifth Dentist”

September 22, 2012

“The Fifth Dentist” is a funny and also heartfelt, largely autobiographical, one man play starring Mike King. Mr. King tells his life story as a dentist (the” fifth” dentist, not one of the 4 out of 5 dentists who famously recommended a certain gum) and a comedian.

King is also the son of a colorful strip club proprietor in the Denver area named Sid King. There were great stories of having strippers getting their own receiving line at Michael’s Bar Mitzvah and of course how popular Sid’s line of work was with the other kids. There also is a love Mike has for his parents (his mom worked at the club) that came across as well.

Mike King delivered the ups and downs of his life in a low key, funny style. He is a dentist and joked about his profession including the fact dentists would be a “press one” on the suicide prevention hot line. “The Fifth Dentist,” a thoroughly enjoyable look at a complicated but fruitful life is at the Producer’s Club located at 358 West 44th Street.

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  1. Kat permalink

    Great show! And it’s FREE until it’s off-Broadway run…

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