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American League Review

September 3, 2012

While the National League has 3 division leaders with at least 4 and a half game leads the American League has no divisional leader with more than a 3 game lead.

The New York Yankees lead in the AL East has been reduced to two games and they were somewhat lucky to have any lead as they won only the middle game of a 3 game home series vs the Baltimore Orioles, who were 100 to 1 underdogs to win the division at the beginning of the season. A bases loaded walk drawn by Derek Jeter, the Yankees’ 17 year veteran, who has played on 5 World Series winners was the key play in the lone Yankees’ win vs Baltimore. The Tampa Rays are 3 and a half games behind.

Last week I wrote that the Detroit Tigers were over rated and when they lost 3 games during the week at the Kansas City Royals it seemed there would be no need to retract the statement. However, after sweeping the Chicago White Sox at home, the Tigers and White Sox are tied for first place in the A.L. Central. The Orioles won 3 of 4 at home vs the White Sox while Detroit lost 3 at Kansas City keeping Detroit within striking distance.

The Texas Rangers’ lead has been cut to just 3 games in the AL West. Texas won 2 of 3 vs Tampa Bay and in Cleveland but the Oakland A’s, another big surprise team, have won nine straight games and swept in Cleveland vs the Indians and at home vs the Boston Red Sox, who have lost six straight games. Thus Oakland is only three games out of first place. The A’s lead the Orioles by 2 games for the top wild card spot while Tampa is one and a half games behind Baltimore. Both the Tigers and White Sox have records that leave them 2 out in the wild card race. The Anaheim/Los Angeles Angels despite a (5-1) week are three and a half games out of playoff qualification. There are also 4 teams ahead of them at this point.

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